Saturday, February 2, 2013

Off to the Weiner Race...

Well.. not quite "the" weiner race.. at least not the one that I'm sure you dirty minded people are thinking of.  I mean who wouldn't want to go to a weiner race, but sadly it's a race for dachshunds.I know this because all I've done this Saturday is watch Animal Planet and dog shows.. Does that scream of loneliness?  Meh, I can't say that I really care. Mainly because it's cold outside and who doesn't love puppies and kitteh's? Speaking of weiner and animals.. I give you Channing Tatum holding a chicken.

Damn.. my cock is fine!
Alright, this is probably the most random blog post ever... I seriously think my ADD is kicking in.  Channing Tatum is pretty fine though huh? 

I would like to say Thank You to Melinda at Beautiful Redemption for making my beautiful blog banner! That's all for now folks. 

I'll try to think of something more witty and intelligent to say tomorrow. 


  1. ..He better not choke that ... at any rate speaking of dachshunds.. Whopper J (Bella) has a yeast infection rash on her body and if having a yeasty weinner named Whopper sounds bad .. it smells worse.. but we gave her a buttermilk and apple cider vinegar bath and now she smells like sour kraut... so.. we officially have kraut and weinner..