Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Edge Of Dawn Review

I am huge fan of Adrian's series and have thoroughly enjoyed all of her books.  In the last book, Darker After Midnight,  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about moving on to the next generation.  Although, I do realize series can get stale without change, I was very weary about Edge Of Dawn.   I just wasn't ready to move on from the original members of the Order.  But I needed to know what happened to my beloved Order and their children.

Edge Of Dawn is the eleventh book in Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series.  It begins 20 years after the Order defeats Dragos and have been discovered by humans.  In those 20 years there has been war and violence, and the world has changed.  Now there is hope for peace among the Breed and the humans.  An organization made up of the Breed and humans attempt to work together to achieve peace and co-existence between the two.

Lucan is more of a politician than a warrior, and the next generation has stepped up to try and help maintain order in the world.  Mira, the young Breedmate most of us came to love and adore, is all grown up and has become a warrior.  We are brought into her world and learn all about her love for Kellan Archer, who has died 8 years early.  We are also introduced to many characters including the original Orders offspring.  

Mira has grieved for Kellan and hasn't been able to truly move on from his death. After Lucan assigns her a task of escorting a very important scientist to a Peace Summit, she is kidnapped and discovers that Kellan has not died.  This is where their story begins.

I prefer not to give away too much of the story since there are some unexpected twists and turns.

If you were worried at all like I was about Edge Of Dawn, relax there is definitely no need to, this book has it all.  As I started reading the first page, I quickly remembered why I enjoy Adrian's series, she had me at Hello, so to speak.  Her writing has continued to improve and her description of a new world was intriguing.  There's plenty of build up to an interesting storyline,  as well as a new villain, or I should say villains.  Adrian truly understands the love her fans have for the originals of the story, because she makes mention all the Order couples from previous, while some are mentioned a little more than others, you still get your dose of the beloved characters.

There are many moments where you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens.  In some ways I feel like this book is similar to the 1st book of a series where there's a lot of setup, so there are unanswered questions that hopefully will be addressed in books yet to come.  Considering this is a more futuristic world, I would have enjoyed more advanced technology and science talk, just to really show you how things have progressed over the years.

Overall, I really enjoyed Edge Of Dawn.  In truth, series can become boring and repetitive (same story insert new name here), ultimately losing the readers attention.  Adrian has created a new world and a new story while including all the beauty of the original books.  She has definitely proven herself as a great story teller in the world of paranormal romance.  I can't wait for the next one.


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