Thursday, March 7, 2013

Starting Over- Barbara Elsborg Review

Pia has been unlucky in the love department since her husband died.  Not only that, but she stuck in a dead end job that she hates.  She goes to work and comes home, very little excitement in between.  She decides to answer a personal column in the newspaper one evening and meets Steve.  She and Steve pick a time and place to meet up for a little hanky panky.  However, when she gets to the hotel room ,it’s not Steve that she meets but Connor and Espen.  

Connor and Espen have decided that they need a third in their lives… and they want Pia.  After their night of fun is over, Pia is gone.   The guys aren’t sure what happened or what they’ve done but can they convince her to be with them permanently?

I honestly love Barbara Elsborg’s MMF stories.  I don’t read a lot of ménage, but I love, love, love hers.  The only complaint that I had with this story is that I wish it was longer.  I can assume that they got together at the end but it was left somewhat short in my opinion.  Either way, I still really enjoyed it and thought she did a great job with it.  Connor and Espen were probably my favorite part of the whole thing.  They were sweet and funny, and just flat out made me laugh at some parts.  I really liked Pia too, her and her “slutty feet.” Overall, just a fun and enjoyable read.  
You can find Ms. Elsborg at her website and blog:
Barbara Elsborg Website
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